The Other Side of Valentine’s Day


the other side of me …   //   cealaltă parte a mea …




(EN) Since today is a special occasion, not in my opinion but the world said it, I have decided to share one of my past Valentine’s Day experiences. Why? Because it’s interesting to see and find out about the soft side of a person, because the experience was beyond beautiful, and because it’s a relevant subject.

(RO) Din moment ce astăzi este o ocazie specială, nu în opinia mea dar așa spune lumea, am decis să împart una din experiențele mele trecute de Ziua Îndrăgostiților. De ce? Pentru că este interesant să vezi și să descoperi partea sensibilă a unei persoane, pentru că experiența a fost prea frumoasă, și pentru că este un subiect relevant ocaziei.


14 February 2016

Ceahlău, Bicaz, Romania

Cold morning, cold place, no wi-fi, and the sound of the river next to the cabin woke us up. We didn’t know the date, the hour, what time it starts getting dark, or if a storm was about to hit the village. What we definitely knew was that we will climb the mountain until we hit the top.

By noon, we we’re lost around the village, we followed people’s directions, the signs around, and in the end we arrived. Someone told us that we shouldn’t do it, it’s too dangerous and a storm is supposed to come. About one hour car ride through the mountains, we’ve realised that we have to walk few hours to get to the top.

I wasn’t sure, he was.

It wasn’t cold, the wind was rather warm, we saw people coming down the mountain with a content smile on their faces. We wanted that. Maybe two hours in the walk, the mountain ‘road’ started to get difficult. The hawks and crows in the sky made the atmosphere stranger and stranger. It was definitely getting dark and cold.

He wasn’t sure, I was.

After few hours, we we’re on the top of Ceahlău Mountain. Above the villages, above the cities, above the sky, above the world. And we we’re damn sure. 



We celebrated Valentine’s Day

by mistake

on the top of a mountain.

We cool.

(EN) On a more personal side, with mixed emotions and thoughts, I hope you enjoyed this post. I’ve shared with you a part of a personal, emotional, beautiful experience from the environment that I love the most, nature.

Because of personal reasons I will not translate the piece.

And since the post is already too sweet, I will leave you with a series of ‘non-sweet’ photos to contrast my written thoughts.

(RO) Pe o latură mai personală, cu sentimente și  gânduri amestecate , sper că va plăcut această postare. Am împărtășit cu voi o parte dintr-o experiență personală, emoțională, frumoasă, dintr-un mediu pe care îl iubesc cel mai mult, natura.

Din motive personale, nu voi traduce experiența.

Și din moment ce postarea este deja prea dulce, vă las cu o serie de fotografii mai puțin dulci, ca să fie în contrast cu gândurile mele scrise.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until next time …   //   Până data viitoare …


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