Italy, France & meeting Emma Watson

Earlier this month I took a quick trip to see Perugia, Italy then Paris, France. I wanted to visit these places to complete one of my Fragrance Project tasks. In this way, I could enjoy the beautiful locations and learn about new cultures and traditions.

While I was in Italy, I focused on my research more, and took less photos since I like to enjoy the moment rather than using my phone to capture it.

A quick recap on what I have visited in Perugia, and what were the objectives.

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I had to familiarize myself more with Perugia’s old culture, so I have visited old nearby villages, wineries, and local museums and attractions.

Paris was much more fun since I was with my friends and not my family. The capitals are always more fashionable, crowded and full of surprises.


Speaking of, right after we visited the famous Galeries Lafayette, we were heading towards Mouse de Louvre when I saw a fully covered Emma Watson entering a store.

I didn’t hesitate and went directly to her. I was surprised to see her figure smaller than mine, and her too shy attitude but I said to her that I appreciate her work and I am a huge fan. Then Emma thanked me and told me that I am cute, we said our goodbyes and she quickly ran out the store just in case someone recognizes her. Which would have been too difficult since she looks like a normal person, maybe too young, wearing a cap and a normal outfit.

Few days later, as I was enjoying a glass of wine near Mouse de Louvre, I realised that Nicolas Ghesquiere, fashion designer at Louis Vuitton, is celebrating his collaboration with the artist, Jeff Koons. He was pictured on Instagram with many celebrities, including Taylor Hill.

Unfortunately, we didn’t catch the Victoria’s Secret angel. Maybe next time!

Beside Tour Eiffel, Arc deTriomphe, Pont de l’Alma (where Princess Diana died), and many more, I decided to see the biggest Louis Vuitton store ever, and the Balmain Showroom, where Kardashian-Jenner-West family and other celebrities like to come from time to time.

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Overall, it was a nice trip, with loads of highlights, and as for the parties, what happens in a foreign country, stays in a foreign country!


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