Creating My Brand

Our Fashion Communication and Promotion required us to create a new brand from scratch, by researching the whole fragrance market area, bringing insights, identifying the opportunities out there.

From creative concept and big idea to the launch of the brand itself, in this way we understand how a brand is created, and how the process is developed and promoted.

The project was divided in four parts, two individual ones and two group tasks.

The first task was the group presentation where we had to bring and explain our insights and research, and come up with few ideas of what the brand could be and what should we be doing and create.

The second task required an individual booklet where we had to explore three of our strongest ideas. I came up with:

  • Smart Scent – An app which allows house owners to control the heating and air conditioning while they are away. When they turn on these devices, they are able to choose the scent of each room they want.
  • Smart & Scented Carpets – They transform the environment into a more enjoyable.
    The odour from a scented carpet comes out when people walk on it.
  • Bath Bombs for Fashion Capitals – A bottle of perfume is not enough for a person to feel like they enter their favourite city environment. With scents trapped into a bath bomb people can experience an interesting process while relaxing in their bath tub.

Another presentation was required for a group task. This one was the most creative one since we had to use a professional studio to shoot our promotional advert and video campaign.

What is our Big Idea & Brand?

Our brand was at first called ScentiPura,  and is a device which is installed into homes in order for the owner to personally adapt and schedule on an app, the scent of each room.

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My team won the second place for the Best Idea!


For the last task I had to do a twelve-month promotional plan booklet, including explanations, insights, target consumer, Summer & Winter executions and many more.

Booklet Sneak Peek!

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