Lady Gaga representing Tiffany& Co.

Lady Gaga serving Upper East Side


Perhaps a lot of people have asked themselves, after hearing the news, why would a brand like Tiffany & Co. choose Lady Gaga to be the face of their latest collection.

Lady Gaga, a native New Yorker and the artist who used to wear a meat dress on the red carpet, 30 cm long high heels , and used to do everything crazy a while ago, is now the face of the line “Tiffany HardWear”. The campaign was launched during Super Bowl, and it was a collaboration between David Sims (photographer) and Grace Coddington (former Vogue editor). (Watch it HERE)


“The campaign celebrates Tiffany’s rich legacy and modernity of Tiffany style. Lady Gaga, and her originality, creativity and courage, reflects the spirit of this collection.” – Caroline Naggiar, Chief Brand Officer for Tiffany & Co.

Maybe by choosing an unusual celebrity like Gaga, the brand could take another direction, it could target a younger generation.

What’s the story of the line?

The HardWear collection started in 1971 when the simple (unisex) chain bracelet was launched.



As I am the Gossip Girl generation, I know that a Blair Waldorf would like to receive a special silver charm bracelet for her sixteenth birthday, or diamond earrings for her eighteenth birthday.

Growing up, you dream of having a Tiffany heart-shaped padlock, and even the engagement ring for the perfect wedding. The Tiffany & Co. pieces are kept for years because they tell a story, they have a sentimental value, and they should be passed down generations to the end. The story of “when it was first worn” is the most special one.

The campaign featuring Lady Gaga


The brand released the full campaign, after teasing us on Instagram, during Super Bowl halftime ad. The singer is wearing a serious but sophisticated look, to show that the new Gaga is a suitable face to represent the collection.

She wore a white silk shirt, black turtleneck, and simple tailored trousers with a chain necklace, bracelet and sculptural earrings, from the new line.

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The artist is talking about her own journey and sentimental times with the brand, showing a more mature Gaga than fans tend to know. She talks about growing up in New York and the fact that being creative nowadays is ” empowering and important”. The ad was Tiffany & Co.’s return to television after 20 years.

“You’re born knowing that Tiffany’s is the best. You know that you will have a truly special moment if you go to the Tiffany’s store and look into those windows”. – Lady Gaga

The HardWare Collection

The line is edgy to “embody the power and spirit of New York City and the energy of its streets”, featuring chain links, padlocks, or small wrecking balls. The Tiffany HardWear collection arrived in stores on April 28th and online on May 2nd. Every piece is available in sterling silver, 18-carat yellow or rose gold, and they start at $400. The lucky ones will see in stores different size necklaces and bracelets finished with metal balls, some of them have a detachable Tiffany & Co padlock or an oversized metal ball, subtle touched earrings, small to big, and more.

It’s interesting to see how the brand evolved and refined their designs, how they reworked some pieces of jewelry, but still every piece has it’s own beauty, giving women confidence, aspirations and dreams.

The Collection

“The real joy in it I think is the romance of jewelry. And it is a misconception that a man, or your lover, has to buy you jewelry. I think a woman can buy herself jewelry and put it on with dignity.” – Lady Gaga

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