Barbie’s Instagram


With more than 1 million instagram followers (and counting), Barbie occasionally shows herself dressed by Rachel Zoe, Coach or Moschino and other big-name designers.

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The popular Barbie doll debuted in 1959 and since then has been sold in 150 countries. After  the trouble with the brand image  and declined sales few years ago, @BarbieStyle Instagram is born, firstly as a project for Culmone. The doll’s instagram feed is operated by Mattel with help from Robert Best (design director) and Zlatan Zukanovic (photographer).

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This account serves as a marketing platform for the brand with outfits showcased on it, outfits and accessories which can be bought for other dolls on Mattel’s website.

Barbie’s instagram account is showed from her point of view and she shows her inspirational glamorous lifestyle while going to Paris Fashion Week wearing expensive designer outfits,  attending Golden Globes, wearing the ultimate accessories, sunscreen and makeup and being captured by photographers around Los Angeles.

Outfit of the day shots, closeups of accessories, photos with Barbie and her friends (new Barbie collections), her popular boyfriend, her dog and sometimes even selfies. Some shots feature doll proportion objects such as a water bottle, a passport, a purse etc.

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Since the Barbie brand has always been associated with the fashion industry it makes the doll the ultimate “fashion model”, or at least that’s how twenty year olds see her.

What is fun and exciting is that when a new photo from Paris or Venice is posted, she is actually there, thanks to her very real styling team who travels with her around the world, attending music festivals or  awards shows.

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No wonder why this is not an account for children or adults but for “late teenagers” who actually lived in the Barbie era and who want to see what the modern Barbie is all about.

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