New York & seeing Anna Wintour

Gossip Girl’s City



Just at the beginning of the month I was wondering through New York trying to see every place that is to be seen there. I traveled there with my fashion course in a researching trip and we stayed in a beautiful hotel only five minutes away from Empire State Building.










The next day after we arrive we started our fashion research in Mood, the heart of The Project Runway. Here we had a little Project Runway challenge and we learned some thing about skills and competition in the fashion industry and patterns.


After that we met with a pretty famous PR guy who used to work with celebrities stylists like Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Rihanna and told us a little bit about his job and gave us tips about surviving in the business.

After wondering through a huge store full of magazines from all over the world we visited “Custom Fabric Flowers” by M&S Schmalberg where the owner, who also worked for celebrities, brought us behind the scenes and told us about his heritage and showed us his atelier where they made flowers for Disney, Victoria’s Secret and Sex and the City. By this point I was tired but I wanted to see more and to find more about everything possible.







The last stop was Laurel Dewitt‘s fashion atelier. Laurel is a brand new designer who collaborates with Laruicci. Here we saw some of her work displayed in magazines and some of her jewelries and garments. She told us few tips to get in the business and I found out that celebrities stylists stop by to see the pieces from time to time like Beyonce or Nicki Minaj.





The next day I’ve decided to see the exhibition “Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion” that is displayed in the Anna Wintour Costume Center not only after I visited the usual Victoria’s Secret Store that had a third floor full with garments and outfits (including the wings) from The VS Shows.

After visiting more Gossip Girl places like Central Park I thought we should head to the MET Museum, where the exhibition was displayed, to get our “Blair and Serena” photo on the stairs. While we were trying to find someone to take a picture of us Anna Wintour (editor-in-chief at Vogue) was just passing by, casually with her black sunglasses (even it was dark outside) and her never getting old hair.Yes, she is good looking and has an unique style, and yes we saw the beautiful exhibition.





After few days walking around Upper East Side and living like a true Waldorf and visiting Statue of Liberty we’ve decided to visit Brooklyn to live for a day like a Humphrey. Brooklyn wasn’t that charming to be honest but it is just another part of New York and it looks like a whole new city. Besides the gangsta vibe, Brooklyn is beautiful in its way and Brooklyn museum is a nice place to get some work done and getting some information for research.



During the trip I was lucky to stop by Black Designer’s Exhibition in FIT.

Kim Kardashian’s Dress




In a week I’ve seen everything I needed. It’s true what they say, New York City is the city of dreams and I bet every person that visits New York would like to live there.





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