The Sexiest Advent Calendar


LOVE Magazine’s Advent Calendar is an annual video series featuring the most popular and sexy models from all over the world. It’s a creative and different way to see another side of the fashion industry. This year most of the videos were inspired by classic movie scenes and characters.

Day 1 – Bella Hadid

nintchdbpict000286010917Bella marked the first day of the calendar with a sexy aerobics video. She performed an aerobics routine in some 1980s-style coloured bodysuits, she sensually ate a banana and smoked a cigarette while listening to music on her headphones. In her workout routine she bounced on an exercise ball and she lifted weights. The short film is inspired by Eric Prydz’s video for his single “Call On Me” and it’s directed by Rankin and styled by Victoria Young.





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Day 2 – Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk opens the second day of Love Magazine’s 2016 Advent calendar with a pottery-themed clip. As she moulds some clay in her lingerie she gets sensual and seductive showing off her cleavage. After she plays with the sticky substance, she splatters it across her body and then she squeezes a sponge of water over her boobs. Demi Moore’s pottery scene from “Ghost” inspired Rankin to take this film into this direction.


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Day 3 – Rita Ora


Day 3 of this year’s LOVE Advent Calendar was directed by Sean Frank and it features not one but three Rita Oras. Rita plays the role of all three The Andrew Sisters, recreating  their iconic ’40s hit “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B.”


She introduces herself as The Divine Miss R, Margerita and Conchita while wearing small outfits including a Bavarian dress and lace stockings. As she played Margarita, she wore her hair in loose plaits and as she played Conchita, she wore her hair in two low buns. Rita also went topless and flashed her “I Heart EU” underwear.



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Day 4 – Ireland Baldwin


Day 4 featured Ireland Baldwin going topless by the ocean. In the black and white clip directed by Doug Inglish the model walked by the ocean in a Coach trench coat but she didn’t wear it too long so she can reveal her satin underwear. In this little film inspired by “Cherish” music video she rolled around in the  sand and ran on the beach ending the shot by going into the ocean topless.

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Day 5 – Kendall Jenner


Day 5 of this racy calendar is featuring Kendall Jenner as she poses in Agent Provocateur underwear and DSquared2  lace-up boots. She rolls around on the floor to the single“I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More Baby” by Barry White.


The short film is directed by Hype Williams and she was styled by Lysa Cooper who chose a Herman Market bomber jacket to cover her sheer bra.

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Day 6 – Stella Maxwell



Stella is the star of Day 6 for the advent calendar and this has to be my favourite clip. In the short film directed by Phil Poynter she recreates a sexy scene from ‘Wolf of Wall Street. Stella plays Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife, Naomi, played by Margot Robbie as she wears a DSquared2 minidress and silver heels.

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Day 7 – Abbey Clancy


In the short clip for Day 7 Abbey found her way into a luxurious bedroom while wearing a head-t—toe leather outfit including a black miniskirt, a bomber jacket to cover her racy bra and a nice black hat.

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Day 8 – Emily Ratajkowski



Day 8 of the sexy calendar shows Emily dancing around sensually in a cutout black swimsuit as Salt-N-Pepa’s song “Push It” comes up. Showing off her famous body a leopard print coat and a two-piece swimsuit, she lounges around seductively. Plenty of bum and boobs are seen in the short film directed by Hype Williams.



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Day 9 – Barbara Palvin



On Day 9 of LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar Barbara recreates a controversial interrogation scene. She channels Sharon Stone’s scene from the 1992 movie Basic Instinct as she sits seductively on a chair while smoking a cigarette as she answers the questions from a detective. Palvin is wearing a sleeveless white mini dress, knee-high gladiator sandals and her blond hair is slicked back.

The scandalous scene is when she opens her legs to reveal her crotch so she can manipulate the interrogation to her advantage.

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Day 10 – Heidi Klum



The star of Day 10 is Heidi Klum. She strippes off, going completely nude for the clip, to Rihanna’s sexy song “Work”.  She showed her model body while taking a bath in the black and white video directed by John Rankin .

Heidi climbed into a bathtub filled with bubbles while her nipples were covered by little stars and she enjoyed the bath running her hands along her body.


Day 11 – Doutzen Kroes



Doutzen starred in Day 11 of the advent in a disco-inspired clip directed by Hype Williams. The beautiful former Victoria’s Secret angel rocked a red Agent Provocateur swimsui t with cut-away sides and a black bolero by Coach. She stripped off as she she danced sensually for the camera, showing her amazing body.

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Day 12 – Kim Kardashian



Kim was featured in Day 12 of the calendar as she posed in a faux fur coat by Coach which covered her sexy nude lingerie. The short film was created by James Lima and shows Kim dancing in front of a fantastic landscape which showed the Northern Lights and it ends with a powerful message, “Peace on earth”.


Day 13 – Sara Sampaio


Sara shows off some cleavage as she stars in Day 13 of LOVE Magazine’s Calendar. While Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s song “This Is What You Came For” plays in the background, Victoria’s Secret model stares seductively at the camera and strikes some sexy poses, swinging her hair back to the music, while wearing a cut-out leotard and ankle boots. The short film was directed by Hype Williams.

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Day 14 – Taylor Hill


Day 14 of the advent calendar is a special one and not only because Taylor Hill is the star in the clip but she plays in two films. Love Magazine thought they should make a bang with two videos, going for sultry and sexy.

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The first clip was directed by by Philip Poynter and Taylor wore a sexy peachy-pink lingerie as she stayed on a fur rug while a voiceover from the Brigitte Bardot 1963 film plays in the background. As for the second clip, Hype Williams goes in a totally different direction.  Taylor’s vampy-badass side comes up on the screen wearing a DSquared2 cape over a black swimsuit by Mikoh and she glamoured the look with leather gloves,choker, black high heels and red lipstick. She dances Azaelia Bank’s iconic track “212”.

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Day 15 – Ciara


Ciara stars in Day 15 of the advent, quite a funny but sexy clip. The ‘80s-style video was directed by Doug Inglish who used visual sets from the Disney film “The Last Unicorn” (1982) for a retro vibe. She danced to the song “Nasty Girl” by Vanity 6 in front of a cartoon forest animation while wearing a DSquared2 lace jumpsuit, Marc Jacobs boots and Agent Provocateur hat. The clip ends with a popular cat playing the piano.

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Day 16 – Chrissy Teigen


Day 16 from the advent was another aerobics video but this one featured Chrissy Teigen. In the clip directed by Doug Inglish the model works out while eating fries and drinking wine. She does an  impression of Olivia Newton-John in the ’80s while wearing makeup, an American Apparel bodysuit, sweatbands and leg warmers. Her workout routine includes pushups and yoga techniques not after reaching for wine and fast food. This funny but sensual fitness routine was created for every taste.

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Day 17 – Alexa Chung


The short film for LOVE Magazine’s Day 17 was directed by Liz Collins and Alexa was styled by Victoria Young. The video shows the model getting rid of her satin leopard print blouse to show her 1950s-style red lingerie set by Agent Provocateur while dancing and rolling on the floor to Nelly’s classic track “Hot in Here”. To glamour the outfit a little she chose red stilettos.

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Day 18 – Stella Maxwell


Stella makes her second appearance in this year’s calendar. The first time she recreated a scene from “Wolf of Wall Street” but this time is just a simple clip directed by Hype Williams, where she shows her Victoria’s Secret angel’s body in a metallic outfit.

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Day 19 – Alessandra Ambrosio


Day 19 of the advent calendar featured another Victoria’s Secret angel in a black-and-white film shot by Phil Poynter. She teases an unknown person outside the window while the song “The Day Before You Came” by Abba plays in the background. Alessandra dances and poses on a French set while wearing a black and while lingerie and fishnet stockings. In the Parisian clip dances and strips down seductively.


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Day 20 – Joan Smalls

Joan becomes the start of Day 20 in a video directed by Hype Williams who used Kanye West’s song “Faded”. The storyline is not exactly clear, she tries to seduce the camera while holding a glowing stick around her.

Day 21 – Hailey Baldwin


Another Baldwin is featured in this year’s advent calendar. The clip for Day 21 is directed by Dan Jackson and styled by Sally Lyndley. Hailey is dressed in a two-piece swimsuit and thigh-high leather boots as she poses around a NYC hotel room and next taking a shower.

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Day 22 – Alexis Ren



The Instagram star is featured in Day 22 of the advent calendar. The clip was directed by Doug Inglish and it was inspired by the Jurassic-themed verios of The Nutcracker ballet. Alexis danced with a T-Rex dinosaur just like a ballerina while wearing  a leopard print bodysuit by Coach and a fringed leather jacket on top.

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Day 23 – Karlie Kloss


A more realistic video who featured Karlie starts Day 23 of the racy calendar, reminding the world that being sexy isn’t easy at all. The supermodel channelled Jamie Lee Curtis’s character in “True Lies” in a short clip directed by Phil Poynter. She strips down to a red lingerie and then applied lipstick while listening to a punk rock version of “Santa Baby.” After she gets stuck in her dress, sniffed her armpits and forced her feet into a pair of Louboutins, she water from a vase of flowers to get her hair wet. The video ends with her falling flat on her face because of the killer heels.


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Day 24 – Gigi Hadid


Gigi wasn’t supposed to miss this year’s advent so she rocked an Agent Provocateur swim set while running around in a NYC apartment in Day 24 of the calendar.


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Day 25 – Kendall Jenner


Kendall is the second model to be featured twice in this year’s calendar. Day 25 of the calendar comes with a calm and hippie theme giving us some 70’s vibes. As she seats peacefully, meditating with her eyes closed and four arms behind her, the sun sets right after. The multicoloured circle forming on her chest may be the only thing that distracts us from seeing her nude underwear with jewel embellishment.



 Day 26 – Ashley Graham


In Day 26 of LOVE Magazine’s calendar Ashley stars as Jessica Rabbit from the classic film “Roger Rabbit” in a video directed by Phil Poynter. As she recreates a modern version of this legendary character she recites a monologue as a sexy siren pleading for her husband’s life.2ag

Day 27 – Elsa Hosk


Day 27 of the advent calendar features Elsa in red leather lingerie by Coach, ankle boots and a red bomber jacket. She rolls sensually around on the floor in a short film directed by Hype Williams.


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Day 28 – Cami Morrone


Cami becomes the star of Day 28 of the calendar in a clip directed by Phil Poynter. She recreates  an interrogation scene from “Blade Runner” an 80’s classic SF movie. The model strips down to her black lingerie from Agent Provocateur not after she takes a cigarette from her cleavage.


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Day 29 – Jasmine Sanders


Jasmine enjoys a day by the pool in Day 29 of the advent calendar when a dinosaur runs off with her bikini top. Wearing a pair of red thigh-high boots, a leopard prind jacket and what is left from her swimsuit, she decides to chase dinosaur. Next she is turned in a cavewoman with a bone in her hair who takes pictures with a selfie stick because she is a social media star.

 Day 30 – Rose Bertram


Rose is the star of the retro video shot by Phil Poynter for Day 30 of the calendar. While chilling by the pool in sexy lingerie by Agent Provocateur she eats Cheetos before crumbs them all over her breasts. This short film is inspired by the classic “Desperately Seeking Susan”.


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Day 31 – Hailey Clauson


LOVE Magazine wanted to end this year’s advent calendar with a bang so for Day 31 they chose Hailey to channel Meg Ryan from the classic “When Harry Met Sally” (1989). In the racy video shot by Phil Poynter she wore a lace and leopard print bra and bottoms by Agent Provocateur. While eating a meal she takes off her dinosaur sweater to reveal her sexy lingerie. Her performance featured moans and a fake orgasm while starts shaking the dinner table and squeezing the meal on her boobs.

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