Madness Began with Gaga

Lady Gaga – My favourite videos of all time




The video presents  a modern Jerusalem where Lady Gaga plays Mary Magdalene. The story begins with  the Twelve Apostles wearing leather jackets who form a motorcycle gang. Gaga who plays Mary Magdalene rides a motorcycle with Jesus who wears a golden crown of thorns.

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The arrival in Jerusalem opens with a dance scene at their hideout called “Electric Chapel”. All this time Gaga is trying not to fall for Judas, the bad guy, but she ends up sinning. The fact that she points the lipstick gun towards Judas means that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t hurt him.

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While Gaga stands on a rock as waves swamp her, another scene intersperse with the scene where Mary, who is played by Gaga, washes the feet of Jesus and Judas while staying in a bathtub.

Later on, surrounded by his supporters, Jesus is standing on a stage while Gaga kneels  and prays for forgiveness. Judas kisses Jesus on his cheeks which means he is  marking him for death and Mary can’t do anything about it.

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The video ends with Mary Magdalene as she’s stoned to death by the crowd. Even if she gave herself to the good part, she sinned with Judas anyway so she pays the consequences. An interesting fact is that we still don’t know what happened to Jesus or Judas after her death.

Seeing this video a lot of people may question Gaga’s faith. I think that most people think that Gaga works with Illuminati and she is a blasphemy but this song has a deeper meaning even if it’s disturbing. The lyrics present the theme of love and forgiveness and it’s a metaphor of a man who treats her badly but she can’t stop loving him. This song is all about falling in love with the wrong man.



The video takes place in a cold war setting and it opens with nazi soldiers, some of them even dressed in female fishnet stockings and wearing heels. After a shocking and weird intro, a choreography featuring those soldiers starts and the song begins with a funeral procession where Gaga holds the Sacred Heart. She is showed sitting on a throne wearing an interesting binocular and smoking from a pipe as the soldiers performe an elaborate dance in front of her.

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Few scenes later Gaga is dancing and simulating sex acts with some men in their underwear. But a scene that stood out is the one Gaga lies on a bed dressed as a nun in a red latex outfit and swallowing a rosary.

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She appears later dressed in a white hooded robe surrounded by her dancers, a scene who is followed by a “ritual” where Gaga is wearing an inverted cross on her crotch and is thrown in the air by her dancers.

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A blonde bob Gaga wearing a gun-bra and her dancers perform another dance routine. She is then shown singing in an empty club and later in the video Gaga is pushed around by the nazi soldiers as she removes her robe, going naked.

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The video ends with  a soldier attached to strings like marionette and next to him is Gaga dressed as a nun, a scene followed by a shocking video-ending where she kind of burns her face off, disappearing. An interesting move is the fact that Lady Gaga is attached to the same strings which means she is not in control anymore.



Steven Klein, the video director, explained that the video is about “The pain of living without a true love.”

a39This shocking video definitely got some media attention because of its “blasphemous message” and there is no doubt that “Alejandro” is a very complex video with many interpretations but I still couldn’t get to the bottom of it. Even if the visual art is symbolic and unexpected, who is Alejandro? Who are Fernando and Roberto and who is the lonely soldier?



The clip opens with a pink triangle (the symbol of gay rights) and within that triangle an unicorn shows up (the symbol of pure and immaculate). She explains in the intro that Evil was born on the same day the new race was born.

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Gaga’s third eye is shown at the beginning and it’s known to be the “inner eye”, the eye that can see everything, but it can be a metaphor for protection.



As the song begins, her “little monsters” stand on their hands and knees while Gaga is dancing with confidence in her lingerie, showing her shoulders and facial prominence. Her little monsters on the ground are a smart move and Gaga attempts to say that she owns them but in a good way.

After this elaborate scene Gaga is shown in a room dancing while her head is being kept in a glass box next to other mannequin heads. She is shown again giving birth, perhaps to another new race.

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bt21The gun scene would normally mean taking away life but she didn’t die, she appears to be a zombie more than a ghost. The moment of unity and reaching out to God is a scene where Gaga assures her fans that people are all equal no matter what.



The video ends with Gaga’s silhouette dancing in the dark, reminding us of a typical Michael Jackson move. Her face is drastically changed and from her glowing eyes she sheds a tear. The pink triangle appears again with a sparkling unicorn seen inside it and the triangle closes while zombie Gaga is chewing bubble gum.

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Lady Gaga may overreact with her videos but this video tells a good story. She wanted to make this about her fans and to show everyone that love and equality matter. This video is all about gender equality, gay rights, freedom and confidence.



This video is about Lady Gaga’s vision on relationships based on fame, world’s obsession with celebrities, love and betrayal. The video presents Gaga’s world, a famous person constantly followed by photographers and lying tabloids.

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The video starts with a shot of a beautiful Los Angeles mansion, where Gaga and her boyfriend, who is played by  Alexander Skarsgård, are shown lying on a bed talking in Swedish. As they are making their way to the balcony and start making out, paparazzi start taking photos of the couple but that’s when Gaga realizes that her boyfriend paid them to photograph her and she tries to stop him by punching him and smashing a bottle of champagne into his face. He furiously throws her over the balcony and she lies there as the photographers take pictures of her bloody image. That’s when newspapers’ tabloids announce that her time is over and she is not famous anymore.

As the song starts to play, Gaga is shown getting out of a limo, her dancers getting her to a wheelchair. Once she arrives on the red carped dancers undress her and she is trying to walk down the carpet with the help of a pair of crutches and wearing a metallic leotard. What I find interesting is that this scene is interspersed with the scenes of her dead workers lying around the mansion.

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After Gaga is shown in different choreographies and also on a couch where she makes out with some metal rockers, a famous scene shows Gaga, who is wearing a Minnie Mouse costume, and her boyfriend who is staying on the couch getting through some magazines. That’s the moment where Lady Gaga decides to poison her boyfriend with white powder hidden in her ring. After he dies, Gaga calls 911 and admitted that she killed her boyfriend and wait patiently on the couch for the police to arrive. They arrest Gaga who is surrounded by paparazzi as she gets in the car wearing an ice cream cone wig. Once again Gaga is on the first page of newspapers’ tabloids as they announce that innocent Gaga is back again and everyone loves her. The video ends with Gaga posing for mug shots in a metallic dress.

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Lady Gaga shows that she is just like any other human being. Even if she is insanely famous she goes through the same mistakes as anyone. The lyrics “I’ll follow you until you love me” show that this song is not about crazy photographers, it’s about being in love with someone that makes us chase that person just like a paparazzo chase a celebrity. She interpreted this video in a deep way like she always does with her videos, that’s why she is different. She is trying to say that after being in love with someone who didn’t love her she is moving on. She may be betrayed but she is not broken anymore.



 “Telephone” is “a sequel” for Gaga’s previous video “Paparazzi” where she kills her boyfriend who betrayed her. The video starts off with Lady Gaga entering the prison accompanied by two ladies who strip off her clothes, one of her saying  “I told you she didn’t have a dick.” This scene may have a sexual content but it can be read as a vulnerable start for Gaga, being naked behind bars.

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The statement-maker is led into the prison yard of lesbians, covered in chains and glasses made of smoking cigarettes and she kisses a girl while she is stealing her phone to text Beyonce so she can bail her out.

After a chick fight Gaga, who is standing next to her real life sister and wearing Coke doses as a hair accessory, is asked to speak with Beyonce. Gaga explains to Beyonce that she is tired to answer the phone and next we see her dancing her way down in the jail with her jail mates. After an amazing coreography that only Gaga can pull, Beyonce bails Gaga out and they travel together in the “Pussy Wagon”. They pull over to get dinner and Beyonce meets her date, Tyrese Gibson. Gaga pours poison into the honey she delivers to Tyrese and she also makes a recipe that is presented in an interesting way inspired by Japanese cartoons.

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After a serial killer move where the two ladies poison everyone in the restaurant, an epic dance coreography  comes up.  They are both wearing Wonder Woman inspired costumes giving the idea of celebrating a new era in America.  When they are done dancing next to those bodies that they have killed, they stopped to flaunt their modern cowboy looks. Next they drive off into the desert letting us wait for a sequel.

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Lady Gaga wants to say more in a video than other celebrities. This video may express a country like America who is gone because of technology and people addicted to it, as we get a shot of an old Virgin Mobile phone and a popular dating site “PlentyOfFish”. Is Gaga trying to say that spending too much time on social media can kill us?

With her captivating performances and costumes and her inspiring scenes from Pulp Fiction and Michael Jackson’s dance moves she is taking her music videos to a much deeper level than people think.



This video begins with a shot in a field with businessmen fighthing about money and grabbing  dollar bills while Gaga, who plays a Phoenix, is lying down with an arrow in her chest. The businessmen leave the scene without even trying to help Gaga as they are hypnotized by the power of money.

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Gaga is trying to rise from the ashes and she heads  to Hearst Castle where two male guards rescue her. They placed the body covered in flowers into the Neptune pool so she can regain her life.



As the song “Venus” goes on, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills playing different instruments make an appearance. This scene may seem a little weird at the beginning but it makes sense. They are the muses, daughters of Zeus, and Gaga is snapped back to reality when she sees them.


Andy Cohen, who is playing Zeus, is seen by Gaga in the sky after she  regained her consciousness. Another social media feature is seen in another scene, where Gaga is trying to build an army. Gaga is seen with SkyDoesMinecraft, a YouTuber,  who is helping her to open some coffins to bring Jesus, Gandhi and Michael Jackson to life.

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She had a revenge master plan this entire time and once her army is complete she decides to visit those businessmen who didn’t save her in the beginning of the video. Gaga, who is wearing strange crow wings on her head, and her army storm their offices and the video ends with way too many cloned men leaving the Hearst Castle with an unkown purpose in mind.

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By seeing all these public persons in her video it seems that she is trying to say that social media and reality TV is the only think people think nowadays and they kind of running our lives.

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