Starboy bringing a new Abel Tesfaye


There are a lot of theories about Abel Tesfaye’s (The Weeknd) new album “Starboy”. Some people say it has an occult meaning because the cross necklace, the huge neon cross, and the  close up on Abel’s eye from “Starboy” music video are Illuminati signs. Some of them say that he is trying to make his fans jealous of his success or he is owned by a group who initiated him in the celebrity world. A lot of conspiracy theories say that Abel is using the cross to destroy “a part of the soul-selling process” and he is trying to forget about Illuminati and their power in the music industry.


I think many people associate The Weeknd’s new album with Illuminati because of the occult signs. The bolts remind people of Lady Gaga or David Bowie (other artists associated with Illuminati).


It may not be the actual meaning or the entire truth but my opinion is that he is trying to move on from its old self as any artist is trying to do when they come up with a new album. What I find interesting is that Abel is taking the reinventing stage to another level through his music videos.starboy1

Starboy” music video starts off with a beautiful home in the hills of Los Angeles that represents the artist’s house. The story focuses on two men standing at a dinner table, one of them is The Weeknd tied up to a chair and one of them is masked sitting across him at the table. The Weeknd is suffocated by this masked man as he is trying to fight. The killer reveals his face and he is no other than The Weeknd himself with his iconic hair cut off.



This new version of The Weeknd is wearing a cross necklace as he walks through his house and focuses on a giant neon cross. As he sings he moves through the house, smashing The Old Weeknd’s awards, trophies, records,  destroying everything.



The fact that he is hypnotized by this cross through his “All Seeing Eye” (The cross reflects inside a single eye) may be seen as an Illuminati sign and he also drags the cross around upside down which can be a sign of atheism but this may be too overthinked.


All I can see is that a new  version of Abel killed an old version of him which can mean moving on from the past, getting rid of what people think about the old Abel. What I find interesting is that he is killing its old self which is similar to the storyline from “Tell Your Friends” where The Weeknd is killed by The Weeknd again, burried alive this time. He keeps trying to kill his old self but he actually did it with this new album. More elements are similar in these two videos such as the fire and the plastic bag.

Later in the video he sings about praying for fancy cars and driving dangerously fast as he drives away and I find it powerful because he almost died in a car accident in “The Hills”.


Almost everyone focuses on The Weeknd’s cross pendant but the black cat is the actual inspiration. Many people said that the black cat is symbolic for bad luck or evil because black cats are associated with black magic or witchcraft. I think the black cat that turns into a panther during the drive is The Weeknd itself growing and moving on.


In conclusion when I first saw the music video I thought about rebirth and a new stage of life. Abel is becoming a different person for sure, reinventing himself because he is tired of the old version of him.

MANIA” – Abel’s music video triology focuses on the same panther who is now in the center of attention with all the lights on it.



In the first part of the video he sings about people that think they made him famous but he is still trying to prove himself with this album. The second part of the video focuses on a beautiful girl. The Weeknd is entering a club trying to hide himself by wearing a cap. He tried to ignore the beautiful girl that was danging on the stage alone but he is starting to see something in her that he couldn’t see in his “side bitches”. The Weeknd is trying to let his feelings go (“I don’t want this feeling, I can’t afford love”) but he ends up falling in love with the girl. While they are dancing, a man is starring at them with hate and the same man tried to kill Abel in the bathroom but the girl saved him by killing the bad guy.



While they are both full of blood and dancing on the stage Abel is singing “I just need a girl who gon’ really understand” which means that he thinks the girl understands him.


He also says a lot of times “Paranoia” at the end  and this can mean that he is paranoid and he is not in love. The lyrics “woke up by a girl I don’t even know her name” approve my theory because he doesn’t even know who the girl is or what is her name but he thinks he is in love with her.


In the last part they are standing really confident in the lights (where the panther was sitting at the beginning) and he keeps saying “I feel it coming”. That is not a warning, he may be saying with other words that he is completely changed and full of surprises. We will see more of The New Abel in the future.


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