The Artist Who Is Changing Nail Art


29Eunkyung Park is a popular manicurist and owner of Unistella Salon based in Seoul. Her intriguing work can be seen at  Seoul Fashion Week too. She has done the nails of many celebrities and her nail trends are taking over social media.

Park was discovered after she developed the technique known as “the glass nails” or “shattered glass nails”.  The inspiration behind this architectural manicure technique was a shell and candy-wrapper. With this trend she took nail art to a whole new level and inspired way too many  nail salons.









4Eunkyung Park wasn’t a popular nail artist since the beginning. She got the idea of this job a while ago when she noticed that the models from magazine had untreated nails. Thinking of how she could change this, she called publications and tried to convince them that nails should blend with the look.


The artist finds inspiration for her work in the most weird places and she likes to experiment freely. Her work includes glass nails, chains attached to the manicure, marble nails, carpet nails and many more.


At the moment she is thinking of an idea where she can incorporate a special effect that would create a moving animation on the nail just like GIFs.


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