Introducing The Blog

I thought I should start this blog by indroducing myself and the reason why I have started The FSHN. I’m Madalina Cotea, I’m from Romania and at the moment I study Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent University in Nottingham, UK.

As part of my work for the course I have to start a blog to share personal ideas but most important my fashion thoughts. I also have to constantly update my Pinterest account which covers everything from fashion and interior design to travelling.

Honestly I wasn’t sure how to start this blog and I have hesitated a lot because it is a new beginning and it’s something different from what I have used to do.

I have been blogging on my Tumblr blog ( since 2013, a blog who is related only to Selena Gomez and her fashion style, so this blog is going to be a totally different experience.

I have to think of an important question when I post on this blog and that would be: “Why would someone read this blog?” I know that some people are really annoyed when it comes to a new fashion blog and their first thought is “Oh great, another girl with a fashion blog, what’s new?” ( hashtag sorry not sorry). I want this blog to be an inspiration for everyone and I want to encourage people to say what they think, what they like and don’t, to criticize everything that comes to the market and so on.  Why? Because I think that every opinion matters and there isn’t something called “wrong opinion”.

 I will post personal thoughts and I will make observations on different topics, there will be random posts too including travelling, favourite places, movies but the main topic is fashion.

You can get involved by leaving comments, sending emails and sharing your favourite posts. I would appreciate if you can give me feedback on…basically everything.

Thank you & enjoy!

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